• Fine Garden Design

    Fine Garden Design

    We believe that creating fine gardens involves art, science and emotion. We love what we do and it shows in everything that we touch. The gardens we design consider the existing surroundings and architecture as well as your vision. We utilize a unique collaborative design process that includes several designers with varying specialties in order to achieve a theme and style that is unique to both you and your garden.

  • Garden Maintenance

    Garden Maintenance

    We will happily consult with you to develop a continuing care and maintenance program for your garden beds in order to help keep your investment looking its best. From weekly services to seasonal necessities, you can trust M. Erbs to handle the proper hand pruning, fertilization, soil health, water management, and pest/disease control needed to make sure your garden is beautiful all year-round. Proper care is what makes a fine garden and is what will separate yours from the crowd.

  • Seasonal Flowers

    Seasonal Flowers

    M. Erbs is constantly expanding our plant knowledge and floral palette through ongoing formal and informal education. We spend the winter months dreaming about all the new and exciting flowers we will bring to our clients. The beauty of your garden is distinguished from other gardens thanks to our seasonal installation of wonderful annual flowers, tropical plants and seasonal container gardens always evocative of the time of year.

  • Stonescaping


    As a complement to your fine garden, our stone work can seamlessly integrate with your current architecture and is sure to garner compliments. Stonescaping can create outdoor “rooms” which help to define your garden. Walkways, patios, and walls are only a few of the things we can create using a wide range of materials.

  • Lighting


    We believe that gardens should be able to show their beauty long after the sun goes down. Let’s plan and execute a lighting system that warms your landscape and makes your garden glow at night without outshining your fine garden during the day. Lighting is an often forgotten element to the garden. The ambience of a soft wash of light accenting your home and gardens will make anyone visiting instantly feel at home.

  • Pool Possibilities

    Pool Possibilities

    Let us simplify your pool project. Knowledge is power, and having a clearly designed plan which can address details beyond shape and size is invaluable. We know what to look for when working with a pool contractor and can subcontract, recommend or work with a pool company to oversee the entire process from excavating to planting. Go ahead, take the plunge!

  • Meadows


    Best practices in ecological garden design are utilized to develop native and wildflower plantings.  Meadow landscapes can be rich multi-layered fabrics that bring clients close to nature and begins to eliminate the monotony of suburban lawns and landscaping.  A meadow garden can balance man’s stewardship with the organic process of nature and wildlife.

  • Period and Themed Gardens

    Period and Themed Gardens

    Architecture, geography, visitor and garden must all get along.  Our staff specializes in creating historically accurate gardens such as Shakespeare Gardens, English Country Gardens, Romantic Art’s and Craft’s Gardens, 18th Century Kitchen Gardens, Victorian Gardens, Persian Gardens, Modern gardens, Japanese gardens or any other well researched garden.

  • Custom Additions

    Custom Additions

    There is no limit to what we can add to your garden, be it a simple stone campfire, a large scale sculpture, intricate wrought iron trellis, stunning arbor, or a fish pond. Adding material dimension to your landscape lends solidity and presence to your new fine garden. Custom additions such as these are the finishing touches that separate the garden variety from M. Erbs’ professionally designed fine gardens.