• Keith Wallock

    Keith Wallock

    A love of architecture and nature brought Keith to his current field.  Keith graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture in 1998 and went on to complete his MBA at Farleigh Dickenson University. His passion for design has driven him to create award winning and unique environments that cultivate a great respect for the natural world as well as human emotion. Years of experience creating, constructing and managing projects allow for a practical and intuitive knowledge of garden design which takes into account beliefs in conservatism and sustainability.

    Away from work Keith enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors with his wife and two sons.

  • Andrea Hodgetts

    Andrea Hodgetts

    Garden Designer
    Andrea has been gardening for most of her life and is a self-professed “Plant Geek”! Following a career in journalism and media she followed her heart and returned to school to complete her certificates in Landscape Design, Landscape Contracting and Garden Center Management. A natural love of new and exciting plants led her to work in greenhouses for several years before joining M. Erbs to manage our seasonal and ornamental design team. Andrea’s energy and knowledge are inspiring.

    In her words: ‘it was my love of gardening that led me to study garden design and horticulture. Garden design has given me yet another outlet to express my creativity – it’s like painting with plants!

  • Scott Greene

    Scott Greene

    Landscape Foreman
    Scott has been the backbone of our construction and masonry division since 2001. He combines a mission oriented approach with a high degree of sensitivity for the job at hand. He is extremely dedicated to every project he works on to ensure that it is accomplished in a timely and artistically sensitive manner without compromising the integrity of the design. Scott works closely with our clients to be sure that each detail of each project is completed mindfully and in line with the project’s vision.  He is instrumental in turning concepts and dreams into reality!

    In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing bass guitar and spending time with his wife and two sons.

  • Mark Peterson

    Mark Peterson

    Head of Horticulture/ Designer
    Mark’s passion for plants makes him our head plant geek! Whether curating classic designs or modern wildlife gardens his passion is bringing botanic garden quality to your home. He oversees our garden care program and brings us years of experience in organic horticulture from his ten-year career managing Manhattan’s Battery Park City. He earned a BA from the New School University and a Certificate of Horticulture from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. His energy and excitement for horticulture is instantly apparent and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

    In his free time Mark enjoys working with ceramics, spending time with his wife and son, and also is a trained chef.

  • Patrick Smith

    Patrick Smith

    Horticulturist, Gardener and Lighting Designer
    Patrick’s gardening style is compassionate, passionate, positive and artistic all in one!  In his youth Patrick found spiritual inspiration in the forests of Northern NJ where he learned about texture, color, cycles and designs orchestrated from nature itself. He went on to work for a large landscaping company before opening and successfully operating his own business. He found the perfect home of likeminded people when he arrived at M. Erbs and has been with us ever since. Patrick sees lighting as art—you too will agree when you see how he illuminates your property and makes your garden stand out from the rest. His lighting installations expose his curiosity to extend the beauty of the garden into night.

    Patrick is an outdoorsman and enjoys the peace and tranquility of his country cottage on the river’s edge when he’s not working.

  • Cesar


    Head Gardener
    What would we do without Cesar? Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, Cesar has been with M. Erbs since 2006, which makes him the go-to guy in the company. If you have a question about client specific aesthetics or desires just ask Cesar! From planting technique to pruning just ask Cesar!  Dependable and knowledgeable, Cesar keeps the crew moving along like a well-oiled machine and we are grateful.

  • Elvin


    Foreman / Project Manager
    Elvin is the man you want to run into when your day isn’t going as planned – his genuine smile and complete willingness to help out with whatever is needed makes him a true asset to the team! Before joining M. Erbs in 2012, Elvin spent many years in the roofing industry, both here and in his native Honduras, but welcomed the chance to explore his love of gardening in a professional capacity. He routinely videochats with his family back in Honduras to keep apprised of the progress of the gardens that he had created there. Elvin’s wife has previously worked as part of our Ornamental team, and his stepson is currently part of our Maintenance crew – M. Erbs is a family affair!

  • Bonnie Sabia

    Bonnie Sabia

    Office Manager
    Bonnie has an extensive industry background in banking, small business accounting and construction accounting/client relations allowing her to oversee all day-to-day office activities. Bonnie allows the rest of the team to focus on design and planting by maintaining well-organized business operations.

    Bonnie always has a positive outlook that she carries from the workplace to her home and her family.